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Whispers of Miracles


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After my divorce, I felt free and reborn, I wanted to explore a new of me, I became friendly with my inner child, I wanted to meet new Yeganeh to know her, and to see her power. I wanted to see, how she can deal with her new life., if she was able to stand up for her rights and being able to take care of herself. She wants to tell her story, the story about love, passion, and unity. Yeganeh wants to evaluate herself and remembering her power to stay strong. Perhaps, she could be swearing to herself never give up on her tough life. The author believes that, life is like a rough school. Based on the abilities and our talents, we may enhance the creativities to understand that what types of skills we can learn to better fit in the society. In order to move forward for the better life. On the other hand, the self-love, value, and respect, could be important for a living in this universe. Most part of this book is operated as a flash back method. Based on my true life and belief system. During these years, it was my choice to surround myself with positive people to be able to growth with them. My story could tell you, how to be open to other cultures and ethnicities.
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